TSS Consulting on Cinema
& Screening Room Designs


The following is the list of plans that Theatre Service & Supply (TSS) performs consulting services on, with detailed reviews and written recommendations for projects that include- cinemas, large venue theatres, commercial & residential screening rooms. The reviewed plans with the written recommended changes should be incorporated into the selected architect’s plans for the full design of the project.

  1. Show Equipment Schedule. To be included with equipment specification packages.
  2. Port Locations
  3. Screen & Stage Speaker Layout
  4. Sightline Study
  5. Screen Location & Picture Sizes
  6. Surround Speaker Locations
  7. Wall Type Detail
  8. Specific Booth Layout
  9. Electrical Riser Diagram
  10. Projection Wall Electrical Detail
  11. Projection Angles
  12. Sound Rack Layouts

Theatre Service & Supply (TSS) requires drawings in both hard paper copy (blueprints) and electronic files from the selected architect. The fee for the review with red line markings and written recommendations from TSS is $10,200.00 or $850.00 per specified drawing; these are done per project and are not for duplication or publication. Included in this fee is the attendance of 2 - 3 site meetings (plus travel expenses) and up to 6 detailed conference calls to review and clarify the TSS recommendations. If additional meetings or conversations are required, they will be billed at the hourly rate of $95.00 per hour, plus travel expenses. Payment terms are 50% deposit with the signed TSS Design Sheet, the balance to be paid upon completion. If this is acceptable, please sign in the space provided and return to Theatre Service & Supply.

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